InstallAdministrationJob purpose

To perform install administrative duties and support install coordinators where needed.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

Primary Duties:


  • Enter permit numbers in customer’s account when new permits come in.
  • Mail out permit packets with completed Title 24 paperwork from BOSS.
  • Follow up on unscheduled inspections, ensuring they are completed in a timely matter.

Customer Service:

  • Being able to answer any questions customers have calling in.
  • Schedule and book warranty calls, correction appointments, follow ups and failed HERS appointments when necessary.
  • Schedule parts return visits when the warehouse receives a part in.
  • Schedule final inspections for customers calling in requesting assistance.


  • Confirm all installs and other booked calls the day before they are scheduled.
  • Page out all first calls and installs the evening before. Forward ALL sales paperwork/pictures to lead installer and copy the salesperson on the email. Email service history for all warranty calls.
  • Dispatch warranty techs/club techs/follow up techs throughout the day. Make sure they are aware of the club status and know when they should push for selling an Efficiency Club. Make sure to call customer when tech is on their way. Always email service history.
  • Close out all calls (installs, follow ups, warranty calls, etc) for the techs who do not use the IVR close out. Make sure to follow the job summary standards and ensure all of the correct boxes are checked. Make sure the correct onsite and completed times are entered in the call progress.


  • Create blank office and field folders.
  • File away completed job folders.
  • In charge of install office supplies, and overall office organization.
  • Supporting install staff whenever needed in various other duties.

Being able to handle all of these duties if the Lead Install Coordinator is out-

Scheduling Installs:

  • Confirm that every sold job that is emailed over is scheduled for the correct date.
  • Assign installs to the appropriate crews to ensure efficiency of installers.
  • Enter the invoice date and total amount of the job in the install ticket. Verify the correct primary tech, salesperson and lead source. Enter the total job in the job summary and verify the agreement boxes are not checked.
  • Work with Sales Department to make sure all necessary paperwork and information is being sent over.

Preparing Jobs:

  • Create an office and field job folder for each job including the necessary paperwork for the installers to have (contract, confirmation sheet, pictures, work orders, finance paperwork, rebates, etc.)
  • Apply for building permit before job starts.
  • Work with Warehouse to ensure correct equipment is being ordered.
  • Schedule all sub-contractor work (cranes, insulation, etc.)
  • Enter job information on Boss for Title 24 (including Home Performance Jobs).
  • Work with Energuy to ensure all of our jobs are being tested and closed out immediately.

Being able to handle all of these duties if the Accounting Install Coordinator is out-

Invoicing Installs:

  • Invoice and post each install with a job description of what was installed.
  • Enter the timecard labor and pull equipment to the job.
  • Enter model and serial numbers of equipment installed with warranties.
  • Order any electromaze filters.
  • Double check that the primary employee is really the lead on that particular job.
  • Make sure the dollar amount is in the job summary.
  • Make sure all invoice dates and dollar amounts are entered correctly in the invoice.
  • Enter maintenance agreements.

Accounts Receivable:

  • Update the billing account for any customers who have a balance due from their install with information.
  • Call customers to collect payment or to schedule a time to pick up any necessary finance paperwork.
  • Mail invoices right away if you cannot get a hold of them over the phone for payment.


  • Submit all rebate forms for customers who qualify.


  • Submit all finance paperwork.

Enter payments when we are funded from finance companies.

*This is a basic guideline of job duties. The scope of work required may differ daily based on staffing and work load.
I have read and understand the job duties and responsibilities of my position as the Install Accounting Coordinator.